People often ask me where to get the gear featured in my IG posts.
I've compiled this list for easy reference:

Tons of cool EDC gear, organized by category for easy navigation:
NotoriousEDC Amazon Shop

The awesome folks over at DLT Trading have a lot of quality knives and gear:
DLT Trading

County Comm has a TON of cool gadgets, knives, and my favorite flashlights!
Use my code “NotoriousEDC” to get 10% off your order of $50 or more:
County Comm

Nalpak has the gold standard for knife and EDC cases for storage and transportation, featuring Pelican cases with pre-cut high desnisty foam in a variety of configurations.
Use my code "NOTORIOUS" for 10% off your order:
Nalpak Knife & EDC Cases

Step up your smart phone photography with the incredible quality lenses from Moment: