Please find the answers to many questions that often pop up in my DMs. If there’s a question you have that’s not answered below, please shoot me an email.


Ah, you must be talking about the Beer Bomb! It’s an everyday carry pocket tool. It’s primary function is a bottle opener. There are a few other tricks up it’s sleeve, like a flathead driver on the nose, hex bit driver in the eye, prybar at the tail, and package opener on the fin.

The main way Beer Bombs (and most other items) are released are through drops right here on the website. There are also lottos in the FB group for all types of fun stuff like Cerakoted and collab pieces.

Join here.

Please be sure to answer the questions to the best of your ability. (It helps to keep the community safe.)

Firstly, I am absolutely humbled and grateful that people want my stuff! Most items are only live during drops, and due to things being made and sold in smaller batches, they often sell out quickly.

I’m a one person operation, and NotoriousEDC is something I do outside of my very busy career. I'm doing my best to dedicate as much time as possible to getting more gear into the world.

I always try to either have product on hand, or on the way. So when a batch of product is gone, more should be showing up within a couple months.

I'm constantly working to get to a point where the gap between batches is as minimal as possible.


I’ll announce the drop time, and then a set amount of pieces will go live on the site. It’s best to have your payment info set up on your phone with something like Apple Pay or Google Pay (which is strongly recommended).

You can sign up for the mailing list (below) to be notified of upcoming drops, as well as keeping an eye on IG posts and in the FB group.

There are often a couple hundred people trying to score on a drop, so it's common to miss out a few times. In an effort to give people a fair chance who have never scored, I try to do 'Bombless' drops from time to time.

I know it sucks because it happens to me, too. But patience pays off. Just ask the folks in the FB group!


Tracking numbers show up in your email (check your spam) either the night of a drop, or the following day.

If your package seems to be not moving, it might just take a couple days to update if USPS hasn’t scanned properly.

If it’s been longer, email me with your order number in the subject line and we’ll get it sorted.

I sometimes do international drops. Again, the mailing list and FB group are some ways to learn about upcoming drops.


Doing this is so fulfilling and fun, and I appreciate you all! It's surreal to go from having an idea, to it being created into a tangible item, to seeing your amazing photos of the gear. Your support means everything to me, and there would be no NotoriousEDC without you!